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(We are all warriors) Site created in 2014 by Klayson Levi with a qualified in reggae and its genres (Roots, Ska, Dancehall) Contents that extend with exclusive posts / album releases / verses. Despite being newly created we are all warriors already covered historical shows in Brazil, being able to quote (The Wailers Band Reunion) with the son of King Bob Marley, Julian Marley and original members still alive in the suit of Aston Barrett Family Man, Tyrone Downie, among others from the legendary band of the biggest reggae icon in the world. As well as the unprecedented (Peter Tosh Celebration Legalize Tour) held in Brazil with the son of the legend, Andrew Tosh / Tony Chin and Carlton Santa Davis. Alborosie and Ky-mani Marley are also on our curriculum. In addition to festivals outside of Brazil, Somos Todos Guerreiros was also present in Jamaica at the festival “Rebel Salute”, Belgium with The Congos (reggae geel festival) and lastly at the 2018 edition of the Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain. This is part of our daily work towards reggae and its events throughout the global territory, We are all warriors always updated with news with a lot of responsibility and credibility for everyone who clicks to see our publications, which strengthens reggae from Brazil to Japan, Africa or wherever he is. Just look for us on all digital platforms (Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Site. Because reggae never stops!

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